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Did you know that the cost of the average Australian wedding in 2015 is apparently $65,482?

That. Is. Serious. Cash. Holy. Crap. Wow.

According to the Bride To Be 2015 ‘Cost of Love’ survey, it’s almost double the average spend of three years ago, which was $36,000.

So what’s changed? The rise in destination weddings overseas is one thing that’s driven up the average. So too has more brides buying couture or made-to-measure bridal gowns.

Check out these Clever ways to save money on your Wedding Day!

1) Have a small bridal party

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Six things to think about...

Picture a time, thirty years from now, sitting with your sweetheart watching the sun slowly sink towards the horizon creating the most gorgeous of skies.  You sigh, nostalgia weighing heavily in the evening air, you lean over to your partner and say “remember how good the chicken was at our wedding?” 

Not likely.

Thirty years after your wedding you probably won’t care too much about what you ate on the day.  When the nostalgia hits, it’s not the car keys you will grab so you can head out and re-live your wedding meal.  You’ll reach for your wedding album.

Watch this ... I dare you to not become teary!








Along with the rest of Australia, we stumbled across this amazing video created by the talented Ryan Chatfield Images! 

I dare you not to cry - especially when both Dad's start talking with absolute admiration and love in their speeches.

We don't need to type much - just watch and enjoy

<3 One love



The Upcycled Groom: How to include the groom in your wedding plans

The Upcycled Groom








When planning a wedding,the groom can sometimes be overlooked in the wedding planning as sometimes family and friends assume that the bride is the only person organizing the big day. 

How can the groom stamp his own print on the most important day of his life? 


Most grooms often are on the receiving end of this job but how about looking at it a little differently? Can the groom record himself playing the guitar or singing a song to walk down the aisle or at the reception?

DIY Wedding Tips (under $12k) from our Facebook Fans

DIY Wedding Tips

Recently we asked our Facebook fans how they kept the costs of their wedding down by using unique DIY ideas to create a beautiful day.


Today we thought we would share those wonderful ideas with everyone.


Big Ticket Items

People traditionally spend more money on items such as: the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, hiring a photographer and videographer. 

Why not try our website directory to find a dress that has been worn before, or visit the wedding or evening gown stores if closing down or during the sales.